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Find out if you eligible for funding or grants to help you become more energy efficient using our Eco Funding Eligibility test

Eco Funding EligibilityImagine if you were eligible to special renewable energy grants from the government financial schemes and incentives.  As a result you could embrace and introduce renewable energy solutions to your home. In addition maybe you’re confused about where to find out about what grants for renewable energy you are entitled to or are just strapped for time to investigate such grants for renewable energy usage?

Our user-friendly ECO Funding Eligibility form is quick and simple to fill out and generates accurate results. Because of this you can get an indication of what renewable energy funding you could potentially be entitled to, if your home uses renewable energy solutions.

What is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), from which the funding derives, is a government scheme to qualifying households grants to save on energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions. As a result the initiative makes sure the larger energy providers supply efficient energy measures to the UK’s low income or vulnerable households.

Furthermore certain households under the ‘Affordable Warmth Group’ are entitled to a free boiler installation or a free boiler repair. In addition the ECO funding scheme also includes the Carbon Saving Obligation, in which funding is provided to households meeting certain criteria for external solid wall and loft insulation.
As a result Eclipse Energy offer a no-hassle, no obligation and FREE check to see how much you could claim. So what are you waiting for? Complete the ECO Funding Eligibility form below and we’ll get back to you immediately.


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What do we do with your information?

Your information or private details are never shared any third party that you have not authorised. We hold the privacy of all the visitors to our website and our clients in the highest regard and respect. The ECO Funding Eligibility Form is for your benefit to aid you in gauging how much you could be entitled to and the energy you could save. For more on our Privacy Policy please click here.


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