Fully funded Room in Roof/Attic Room Insulation and Renovation

What is Room-in-roof (RIR) insulation?

A Room-in-roof is a converted loft or attic, accessible by a permanent staircase. Insulating this space is an effective way of reducing your energy bills and creating a more comfortable living space.

What are the Benefits?

Room-in-roof insulation is one of the best options if your property requires a lot of heating in winter and is very hot in the summer. Many existing room-in-roofs are either poorly insulated or not at all, losing on average 25% of their heat through the roof.

Room-in-roof insulation can make a significant impact both on the energy efficiency of the property, as well as the comfort of the room itself.

How does it work?

Room-in-roof (RIR) insulation typically takes one to two weeks to install. There are three main types of insulation commonly used in roof conversions, which are rigid insulation, flexible insulation and thermal lining boards. Rigid insulation boards are available in various thicknesses. Flexible insulation and thermal lining boards, though thinner and cheaper, are not as effective as rigid insulation boards but can be a good compromise in difficult to insulate and small areas where the size of the room may become reduced as a result of adding thick insulation materials to walls and roof.

In addition, our assessors look at the full envelope of your property, ensuring that it is fully ventilated to prevent a build up of moisture. This will provide a constant flow of fresh air to the inside of your home without losing any heat.

How do I qualify?

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Own a property in Calderdale
  • Own a property with a room-in-roof (room in the attic accessible via a fixed staircase, with a window)
  • Have a household income of less than £30,000 OR receive some form of government benefit (such as pension credit, child benefit, child tax credit or universal credit)
How can I contact you?

Please contact us via phone on 01422 414850 or fill out the form below;

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