Hybrid Boilers

Hybrid Boilers satisfy energy demand whilst retaining energy efficiency

hybrid-boilersYou may have heard all about the advantages of renewable sources of energy for the home from the pros of heat pumps to the benefits of solar power. But if you don’t want to move away from traditional heating methods there is a middle ground. Hybrid boilers supply energy, heat or water from a combination of renewable and traditional systems. To satisfy energy demand levels, whilst maintaining high levels of energy efficiency, a controller in the hybrid boiler will decide when the optimal time to employ the traditional system is and when the renewable one should be used.

With extensive years of valuable experience installing and maintaining all makes and models of boilers ranging right across the spectrum of different types, your hybrid boiler would be in safe hands if you chose Eclipse Energy to carry out your installation.

Benefits of a Hybrid Boilers

  • Your hybrid boiler will always be kind to your finances, choosing the most cost-effective way to heat your home.
  • Your hybrid water heater will also always choose the most energy efficient way to supply your domestic energy.
  • At Eclipse Energy we have nurtured personal links to local suppliers in Halifax and West Yorkshire over the years. This means we get the best price on all materials and pass these savings on you.
  • All our hybrid electric water heater installers are fully insured and qualified. We have accreditations to reinforce this, including being Gas Safe Registered.

How Hybrid Boilers Work

A hybrid water heater utilises both the technology of tank and tankless water heaters. Traditional tank heaters heat from the bottom up, which involves air rising through the tank and being released from the top of the boiler. This leads to a large amount of heat wastage. Tankless heaters, although heating from the bottom, allows the water to flow through copper pipes. Tankless models though, have attracted criticism for being unable to store water.

Your Project

  1. Get in touch with the Eclipse Energy team regarding upgrading your existing boiler. We will set up a consultation between you and a member of our staff at a time convenient for you.
  2. Our hybrid boiler experts will discuss the different types of hybrid boilers with you. They will work with you to determine which one will benefit you the most. They will also advise you on whether to go for a hybrid electric water heater or a hybrid electric heat pump water heater.
  3. One of our trustworthy engineers will install your chosen hybrid system at a time that is convenient for you, working efficiently and professionally.
  4. As an Eclipse Customer you will continue to receive the very best after-care following your installation, with regards to boiler cover and maintenance.

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