Free Boiler

Get a free boiler in 2020

Heating is an essential for your home, but for many the cost of installing a new heating system can be prohibitive. Thankfully, due to government funding available, you may qualify for a free boiler installed in your home by expert engineers. We also provide a top level aftercare service too so you get peace of mind with every installation. All backed with an expert and professional service. We work with all brands too and have an enviable reputation amongst the industry.

Launched in January 2013, the Energy Company Obligation scheme aims to reduce energy consumption and emissions in properties across the country by providing grants to certain low-income households. If your boiler is above a certain age, you own your own home and meet the benefit criteria, you may qualify for a grant to cover all or most of the cost of a brand new free boiler installation. We can answer any questions you may have also on the entire procedure.

Free BoilerThere is no cap on household income, provided that you receive some form of government benefit and currently own your property, rather than renting, it is likely that your application will be successful. However, if you have received a grant for a free boiler in the past you are unable to claim for another.

If your boiler break downs, and you’re struggling to figure out where the money for a new one will come from, the ECO scheme may be the best way to have a free boiler installed and save you incurring a significant upfront cost. We can advise on  what you need and book a free survey also.  When we visit we can see  any issue  and the best course of action to take. Don’t wait until winter when it breaks down to see if you qualify. Simply fill in the quick 30 second form and find out today. There are many ways you could qualify for a free boiler, find out by using our form now.

Eclipse Energy are experts in securing funding for our customers, and we’ve installed hundreds of government backed boilers over the years. Our team work closely with you from the first contact through to installation and final handover, ensuring you’re happy both with the service provided and the performance of your new equipment.  You might part qualify too which means you could get a large chunk of the fee paid for by the Government. So you don’t have to pay for the entire cost yourself.  We can save you money on the purchase price but also your long term bills will come down also saving you money each month. The benefits include:

  • lower fuel bills
  • energy savings
  • more reliable equipment
  • heats up faster
  • fewer breakdowns

We offer complete heating solutions for your home no matter what the size and shape. Our experts can advise on  how  best to move forward with getting the free boiler. We use the latest and most reliable equipment so you can rest assured you are getting the best service possible. We have all the top brands when it comes to equipment so  have the ideal solution for your needs and can make sure it’s all fitted perfectly. Call us today for an informal chat and to discuss your requirements. If you want to find out if you qualify for a free boiler, click here to fill out our 30-second survey and hear back from a member of our team immediately.

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